EUI​/​The Pool Sessions

by Drop Out Venus

  • EUI/The Pool Sessions
    Cassette + Digital Album

    Some notes on the package by KingHeadswim;

    This Release is limited to 50 physical cassettes, this is important
    as the songs contained on the tape are one off, studio recordings. In
    both instances I was present when they were being undertaken.

    All the cassettes have been painted, packaged and put in their
    envelopes, by Drop Out Venus and King Headswim in Deptford, South East
    London.These Cassettes come wrapped in the Lyrics of EUI, on the
    reverse is the liner notes. They were hand painted to show the transit
    of venus, which occurred this year. The package will contain some
    surprises and artefacts, each one will be unique.

    Includes digital pre-order of EUI/The Pool Sessions. You get 5 tracks now (streaming via the free Bandcamp app and also available as a high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more), plus the complete album the moment it’s released.

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EUI feels like a strange song, I guess like most of our songs. It was
mostly created on the spot. I'd written some words that were to do
with various things and people I'd been meeting around New Cross.
There was a month in which the same day seemed to be happening over
and over again. I'd be in a weird loop, going on the 453, getting
drunk at the New Cross Inn, having conversations with people on smack
on the bus and various barbers around New Cross Gate who were really
nice and kept saying that they'd seen me walking every day looking
miserable, and that I should just get high and relax. I see their
point now. At the time, I just stuck with smoking Camels. Anyhow, EUI
is something my dad used to say. It stands for Eternally,
Unconditionally and Infinitely, which is what he said true love was
like. I wrote my thoughts on the matter really quickly with the slight
pretension that I could turn them into a hip hop song. I was moved to
do so after a local New Crosser told me with tears in his eyes that he
didn't think true love could exist if you had to pay for sex. We
recorded the song at 4 in the morning without thinking what it was
going to sound like. I had some vague chord progression which I think
I'd stolen from a Radiohead song, but mostly Chris and Erhd just
played the mood of the night which was heavy and slow and I just
recited my thoughts on top of it.
The other songs on this tape were recorded live in half an hour. Like
most of our recording sessions, it was a strange moody blur. Mostly I
just remember breathing heavily into a microphone, whilst the music
happened accidentally around me. Old Fashioned Ice Cream salesman is
actually one of the first songs Chris and I wrote together. We
recorded it originally with the sound of knives being sharpened and
clothes being torn. I sang it thoughtlessly in the shower once and
Chris heard it and wrote some music for it. It's one of my favourite
songs we've done.
I guess that's it
Gotta go spoon with my cat
Be brave
Mary K


releases September 6, 2012

Drop Out Venus



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